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Your economic well-being is our number one priority at Obsidian.  As such, before you invest we encourage you to take a look at our “Learn” tab on the upper right side of your page, to understand the risks associating with investing.  Please note that we do charge a 1.5% annual management fee.


Upon investment, you will receive a prospectus within 7-10 business days welcoming you to the firm along with more information about the inner workings of our firm.  In addition, you will be receiving bi-annual statements regarding the health of your account. For account inquiries in between statements, please call us at 212-335-0480.


A Note from our CEO:

I would like to personally advise you to please be wise with your personal capital and invest no more than 50% of your disposable funds into this venture (or any other venture for that matter).  The key to being a smart investor and mitigating risk is to diversify where you put your money.  So even if you don’t invest with us, we hope that this will be part of your strategy going forward.  As a client of Obsidian, I personally promise that we will always look out for your financial well-being, even if it is contrary to our own.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call me any time, at 212-335-0480, or send me an email at


Arvel Adams

Chief Executive Officer

Obsidian Properties, LLC


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